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The COACH Model: A Care Management Intervention to Engage and Empower Patients

Statement of Problem

Across the country, data demonstrates that children and adults facing high social and environmental needs have more frequent emergency room visits and hospital admissions, resulting in higher costs. Dr. Jeff Brenner, founder of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, saw this trend reflected in his own practice: 30% of hospital costs in Camden, N.J., were coming from only 1% of patients. Further analyses in Camden found that many of these medically and socially complex patients habitually frequented the emergency room for easily treatable conditions, and often sought care for advanced conditions that could have been prevented through early diagnosis and care management. This issue is garnering attention from pediatric institutions interested in finding ways to effectively support children with complex conditions and their families. 


Next Steps

Leadership at the Camden Coalition and team members at PolicyLab are working together to identify grant opportunities to pilot both the manual and fidelity tool in new settings to understand where adaptations might be necessary.

This project page was last updated in September 2021.

Suggested Citation

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PolicyLab.The COACH Model: A Care Management Intervention to Engage and Empower Patients [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: plug in date accessed here].